The Galeria Municipal do Porto hosts a regular programme of exhibitions and events dedicated to the contemporary visual arts, also developing specific projects in design and architecture. With the mission of presenting exhibitions that reflect on recent trends in contemporary artistic and discursive production, we promote research, exchange and dissemination of ideas stimulating debate surrounding the arts. Since relaunching its institutional mission in 2014, the Galeria Municipal do Porto has worked with a wide range of national and international partners in the programming and commissioning of exhibitions, performances and discussions. The Galeria Municipal do Porto also stimulates long-term engagement through its learning programmes and publications.
The Galeria Municipal do Porto is a project by the City Council of Porto with free admission for all visitors.
The exhibitions presented at the Galeria Municipal do Porto are commissioned by the Cultural Department of City Council of Porto


Mayor and Head of Culture
Rui Moreira

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Guilherme Blanc

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Sílvia Fernandes

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Sofia Lemos

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Patrícia Vaz

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Rita Roque

Editorial Coordination

Lídia Queirós
Learning Programmes
Graça Lacerda, Rita Roque

Installation Team
Isidro Caldeira, Joaquim Tavares, Octávio Vieira, Paulo Coelho, Paulo Vieira

AV technicians
Arlindo Santos, Guilherme Dantas, Luís Neves, Telmo Vasco Teixeira
Production support
Joana Simons, Joaquim Aguiar, Maria dos Anjos Cerdeira, Sandra Paulinha

Department of Culture and Science
Municipal Director
Mónica Guerreiro
Department Director
Sofia Alves
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Eduarda Paiva, Nina Machado
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16.03 — 20.05.2018

O núcleo Cabrita Reis na Coleção de Arte Fundação EDP

Following the EDP Foundation’s acquisition of the Cabrita Reis Collection in 2015, the Galeria Municipal do Porto, in collaboration with the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) presents the most comprehensive exhibition to date of this collection. Germinal will focus on a vast and significant set of works that have been acquired by the artist Cabrita Reis over the last three decades, with special focus on the early or founding years of leading Portuguese artists who have affirmed their careers over time. With a broad and solid representation of the so‑called ‘Nineties generation’, complemented by artists from earlier and later generations, the exhibition aims to introduce spectators to a set of remarkable works and reveal the gaze of an attentive and dedicated collector, with close ties to artists and experimental practices, reflecting cosmopolitanism, edginess and a firm commitment to the future.
Co-comissioned by:

Curated by:
Pedro Gadanho
Ana Anacleto 

Artists: Ana Pinto, António Olaio, Carlos Bunga, Carlos Roque, Francisco Queirós, Francisco Tropa, Gil Heitor Cortesão, Hugo Canoilas, Joana Vasconcelos, João Ferro Martins, João Louro, João Paulo Feliciano, João Pedro Vale, João Tabarra, Jorge Queiroz, José Loureiro, Luís Nobre, Noé Sendas, Nuno Cera, Paula Soares, Paulo Brighenti, Paulo Mendes, Pedro Cabral Santo, Pedro Gomes, Rodrigo Oliveira, Rosa Carvalho, Rui Calçada Bastos, Rui Moreira, Rui Toscano, Rui Valério, Sílvia Hestnes Ferreira, Vasco Araújo, Vasco Costa

Ricardo Castelo / Fundação EDP