The exhibitions presented at the Galeria Municipal do Porto are commissioned by the Cultural Department of City Council of Porto


Mayor and Head of Culture
Rui Moreira

Artistic Direction
Guilherme Blanc

Executive Direction
Sílvia Fernandes

Assistant Curator
Sofia Lemos

Production Coordination
Patrícia Vaz

Curatorial Support
Rita Roque

Editorial Coordination

Lídia Queirós
Learning Programmes
Graça Lacerda, Rita Roque

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  • Fundação Edp
  • Porto.
Rua D. Manuel II
(Jardins do Palácio de Cristal)
4050-346 Porto
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Tuesday - Saturday


Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays
Free entry

07.12 — 17.02.2019


Transantiquity questions the inclusion of the practice of a group of (contemporary) artists within the framework of our thinking about Antiquity. The exhibition reflects on the definition of Antiquity moving beyond Eurocentric visions and models, and invokes new paradigms in which Antiquity is based, surveying time, history, archaeology and, above all, the construction of identity. Transantiquity does not ignore the founding myths, based on an idea of a liquid time, of an Antiquity that transcends temporal, geographical and cultural borders, and that reaches us in the present day via multiple artistic perspectives.
Curated by:
Filipa Oliveira
Guilherme Blanc