The GMP has temporarily suspended its Public Programmes.
  • November 6

    Galeria Municipal do Porto suspends its November Public Programmes

    The Galeria Municipal do Porto has decided to temporarily suspend its Public Programmes during the month of November, according to the latest announced measures to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Therefore, the two programs scheduled for the month of November were cancelled: the conversation between Margarida Mendes and the winner of the 2nd edition of the Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize, which would take place on November 14, Saturday, at 4 pm, and the concert presenting the album Waves and Whirlpools, by Luís da Riviera, scheduled for November 15, Sunday, at 6:30 pm.

    The guided tours that the Galeria Municipal do Porto conducts on the first Saturday of each month, at 4 pm, are also suspended, due to the limitation of gatherings to five people.

    GMP will continue, however, with its doors open, with the exhibitions Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize – 2nd edition and Waves and Whirlpools, on view until November 15.

    Admission is free, subject to the maximum limit of 30 people and other hygiene and safety rules.
  • November 11

    Paulo Cunha e Silva Prize shared between all the six finalists

    The winners of the second edition of the Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize have been named. The biannual prize is aimed at artists under 40, and was created by the Porto City Council as a tribute to the former Councillor for Culture, Paulo Cunha e Silva, doctor, art critic and curator, whose professional activity was always linked to theoretical reflection on contemporary art.

    Although the Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize aims to award a single artist from a group of finalists, the jury proposed dividing the monetary value of €25,000 between this edition’s six finalists – Basir Mahmood, Firenze Lai, Lebohang Kganye, Shaikha Al Mazrou, Song Ta and Steffani Jemison –, whose works are on display at the Galeria Municipal do Porto.

    Due to the restrictions resulting from the pandemic situation, the jury members Isabel Lewis, John Akomfrah, Margarida Mendes and Shumon Basar were unable to visit the exhibition and personally assess the work of the finalists that they had nominated. These exceptional conditions also meant that the six finalists were unable to install or accompany the assembly of their works in the exhibition space, prior to the inauguration of the exhibition. As a result, the judges considered that it was impossible to ensure the ideal conditions for awarding a single winner of the Prize’s second edition and therefore suggested the division of the prize money between the six finalists.

    The jury had already analysed the portfolios of 48 artists, selected by a group of 16 curators, appointed by them. Lastly, they selected the six finalists who have now been declared joint winners. In the words of the four jurors, these artists have “voices – aesthetic, ethical, technical – that articulate the current moment, or, even, sense what is to come.”

    Basir Mahmood (Pakistan) uses video, film and photography to reflect on social and historical situations, rooted in daily life, while Firenze Lai (Hong Kong) tries to express states of expanded perception through her paintings and drawings. Lebohang Kganye (South Africa) merges fictional characters with “real” characters, to create stories that incorporate sculpture, installation and film. Sculpture is also the preferred art form of Shaikha Al Mazrou (UAE), who is fascinated by materiality in art, working with colour and shapes to create geometric and abstract arrangements.

    Song Ta (China) often seeks to provoke and antagonise the established boundaries between institutional and commercial definitions of art, by creating works that explore the daily conduct of specific groups in society and Steffani Jemison (USA) addresses privacy and opacity as strategies for abstraction and political resistance.

    The exhibition of the works of the finalists – now confirmed as winners ex-aequo – can be visited until Sunday, November 15, at the Galeria Municipal do Porto. During the weekend, the GMP will only be open between 10 am and 12:30 pm, due to implementation of new curfew measures in Portugal.


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