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Exodus reveals the local artistic fabric of Porto through guided visits to galleries, exhibition spaces and artists' studios.

Aimed at secondary school and higher education classes, it includes a contextualization session at school and a guided tour by artists, art critics, gallery owners or curators.


Saturday, September 9, from 3 to 6pm

Exodus walk with Paralaxe

The Paralaxe collective, formed by artists Carolina Grilo Santos, Diana Geiroto and Luísa Abreu, proposes visits to spaces of thought and artistic practice that are often, and simultaneously, domestic and intimate spaces.   
Following on from their project Primeiro Fascículo, in which they invited to create artist's books, the collective seeks to dive into the very particular dynamics of artists with studio-house, studio-screen, or stage-street, seeking to discover the stories behind objects, scribbles, or works exhibited on the walls of their homes.

This four-point map was drawn by the Paralaxe collective for the Bonfim and Santo Ildefonso area, and opened the doors to the studio-houses of Isaque Pinheiro, Beatriz Sarmento, Juliana Campos and Pascal Ferreira.
The walks focus on artists and cultural agents based in the area of Bonfim and Santo Ildefonso.
Paralaxe is an art research project focused on disciplinary intersection, occupying territories apparently alien to artistic practice. Created in 2019, by the association Erro Universal - Núcleo de Investigação, PARALAXE currently has multiple sub-projects and creations, which take different contexts and structures, but which have in common the intention to support the creation and edition of young emerging artists.

Image: Dinis Santos

October 31, from 8:30 to 10:30pm

NOCTURNAL Exodus, with Irina Pereira

The night walks have always excited us. It seems that the city becomes a new and different place. 
The openings of art spaces or galleries are also captivating. We see, but we also let ourselves be seen. There is also the privacy of artists' ateliers, either individual or collective, located in the neighbourhoods of Bonfim, in the eastern area, and in Fontaínhas.   
This walk guided by Irina Pereira will be very different from the usual Exodus, so get ready!
Limited capacity.
Applications by email to:

Meeting point to be defined soon.
Duration: 20h30-22h30

Irina Pereira is an artist and graphic designer, working mostly as an image creator. Her practice also explores editing, creation, art direction and programming, constantly in collaborative processes. She is part of Pedreira, a space, platform and artistic collective that puts different visions and energies in synergy, creating immersive experiences that question reality and individuality through utopias and parallel fictions. She was part of the Oficina Arara, a sonic-visual laboratory linked to screen printing and reproduction of multiples. As a designer she has been collaborating with several institutions and artists, focusing on the area of culture, in image explorations using typography and drawing. In 2020 she started the publications and assemblies project Goodbye Issues. She is part of the Biblioteca Prática, a project that intends to (re)think the book - unfolding in exhibition, discussion and exchange moments.

Photography: Renato Cruz Santos

Saturday, November 11 at 3pm

Exodus walk with Claire Sivier

Artist, social researcher and facilitator Claire Sivier will guide us on a journey to explore spaces in Porto sitting on the intersection between community, art and activism. This interactive tour will bring us together to explore different artistic narratives off the gallery circuits. Join us to look at the city and its artistic offer through the gaze of these intersections.
Limited capacity.
Applications by email to:

Meeting point to be defined soon.

Claire Sivier
 (she/her) is a black-British researcher, cultural producer, working and living in Porto. For the last 12 years, her work is developed with and for artists, youth and people from marginalized communities, in addition to organizing a variety of festivals and cultural programs in different countries. In 2020, Claire completed her master's degree in Art and Design for Public Space at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, where she developed a walking art methodology, exploring the lived experiences of black diaspora artists in Porto. Since then, she founded the Black Women's Walk (2021). She is part of the InterStruct Collective.

Photography: Mariana Silva

Wednesday December 13th, from 3pm to 6pm

Exodus walk for schools, with Paralaxe

All interested classes can sign up to take part in this Exodus by emailing
All routes are carried out on foot. 
Meeting point to be defined.

Image: Teresa Miranda


Exodus for Schools

To participate in the Exodus, all interested groups can register through the email
All routes are carried out on foot. 
Meeting point to be defined.
Thursday and Friday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. Duration: 120min

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