Grazes and Grazes
I’ll take you through pathways where nature and the city meet, guided by the attentive gaze of artists and botanists whose research traverses medicine, cuisine and sustainability and whose perspectives challenge taxonomic and topological conventions.

Grazes and Grazes / Saturday, 9 July, 10am–1pm

Unsubmissive Plants — A Recoletora

A Recolectora proposes a participatory action of research, cataloguing and mapping of edible wild plants – commonly known as “weeds” – with the rescue of ancestral and contemporary knowledge. Using a didactic and exploratory logic, they rediscover the city through recollection and wandering through territories of urban wasteland.
A Recoletora (Maria Ruivo and Alexandre Delmar with Fernanda Botelho) brings together botanists, nutritionists, chefs, artists and designers in a collaborative, itinerant project to recover edible wild plants and reintegrate them into diets and eating habits.
Location: Various spaces of the city
Participation requires prior registration by emailing

Image credits: Alexandre Delmar / A Recoletora

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