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forms of the surrounding futures
forms of the surrounding futures embraces an expanded queer perspective to challenge dominant narratives, replacing them with a broad rethinking and remaking of bodies, spaces and times. By embracing different standpoints in a non-conformist affinity, the constructed characteristics of the present are questioned, promoting the emergence of multiple futures. 
An ensemble of diverse polyphonic and multisensory positions is proposed, while the collective capacity to imagine and rehearse future worlds is both celebrated and fostered.

Ana Vaz, Ania Nowak, Joana da Conceição (Nave Geo-Celestial), KEM, Luiz Roque, María Jerez, Osías Yanov, Outi Pieski, P. Staff, Rodrigo Hernández, Sandra Mujinga
Curated by
João Laia
Executive Direction
Sílvia Fernandes
Learning Programme
Matilde Seabra (Coord.)
Curatorial assistance
Isabeli Santiago
Patrícia Coelho
Production Coordination
Patrícia Vaz
Technical Coordinator
Paulo Coelho
Tiago Dias dos Santos (Coord.)
Hernâni Baptista
Front of House and Public Relations
Rui Braga
Room Assistant
João Ramos
Production Assistant 
Clara Saracho
Installation technician
Armando Amorim
Carlos Lopes
Administrative Assistant 
Juliana Campos
Graphic Design
Joana Lourencinho Carneiro

Saturday, June 15, between 5 and 8pm

Opening: forms of the surrounding futures

forms of the surrounding futures is an extension of the project of the same name presented at the 12th edition of the Gothenburg Biennale, curated by João Laia in 2023, and will take a hybrid form — between the collective and the individual — in two spaces of the Gallery: the works of Rodrigo Hernández, Maria Jerez, Kem, Sandra Mujinga, Luiz Roque, Outi Pieski, Ana Vaz, P. Staff and Osías Yanov will occupy Floor 0. Staff and Osías Yanov will occupy Floor 0, and an exhibition project entitled Nave Geo-Celestial, by Joana da Conceição, can be visited on Floor 1.
Between 5 and 8pm.

Admission is free.

Saturday, June 15, at 11 am

Escuta Ativa with Luiz Roque, at Fonoteca Municipal do Porto

On the opening day of the exhibition forms of the surrounding futures — Saturday, opening at 5pm — a selection of initiatives will take place that expand beyond the gallery space.
At 11am, artist Luiz Roque will delve into the musical repertoire of the Fonoteca Municipal do Porto for an Active Listening session, where he will share personal experiences and musical stories based on the music records in the collection.
Rua de Pinto Bessa 122, Armazém 12 4300-427 Porto

Admission is free.

Image: Guido Limardo

Saturday, June 15, starting at 11pm

Performance programme + Dj-set, at Passos Manuel

The opening of forms of the surrounding futures will also feature a programme of performances and music at Passos Manuel that promises to go well into the night.
- We'll kick off with María Jerez's performance, "No ser ni la sombra de lo que fue", which will centre on the shadow of bodies and their unique ability to produce new images, fragments and ghosts.
- Ania Nowak will follow with "To the Aching Parts! (Manifesto)", which will dissect language, for and against queer communities.
- Joana da Conceição will also present "Sonho Lúcido", an aural journey woven live that interweaves visual narratives with the hypnotic nature of music.
Shortly afterwards, the KEM Collective will guide our bodies through "Dragana Bar", a party that will occupy the space's dance floor with a DJ-set and performances with the participation of Filipka Rutkowska, androgienia, Facheroia b2b Onio.
Rua de Passos Manuel nº 137 (ao Coliseu) 4000-385 Porto

Admission is free.

Image: Kem - Cred. Filip Preis

Saturday, July 6, at 4pm

forms of the surrounding futures: guided tours

During the exhibition, the Gallery team will organise guided tours of the exhibition:
- July 6th
- August 3rd, 24th and 31st
- September 7th
Meeting point: Gallery counter.

Admission is free.

Saturday, July 20, between 3 and 5pm

Geo-Celestial Vessel driven by Joana da Conceição – visit/workshop for children

What is a Geo-Celestial Vessel? Have you ever seen one hovering in the skies? Or grounded somewhere on Earth?
An art exhibition can make us imagine so much that we can even go up into space and catch a meteorite, or go deep into the earth and see lava tunnels. 
If imagination takes us so far, how far will the artist Joana da Conceição take us when she guides us, in a special way, through the works she made for the exhibition Nave Geo-Celestial?
Participation is free of charge.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

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