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Caroline Mesquita's multifaceted work encompasses installation, moving image and sculpture, highlighting the complex relationship with volumes, materials and spaces, while exploring the unfolding of identity and the limits of bodies.
Following his exhibition in 2019, curated by Sofia Lemos, Galeria Municipal do Porto launches "Ideas", the first monograph that brings together sketches, installation photographs, and an in-depth analysis of his practice. Co-published by Lenz Press and Passerelle Centre d'art Contemporain, the publication crosses the artist's practice from the conception of the idea to its materialization, from the deconstruction of characters to the creation of worlds in potency.
The extensive visual content of this publication is complemented by a critical essay by curator Fernanda Brenner, an essay by curator Loïc Le Gall, and an interview with curator Guilherme Blanc, in an effort to provide an overview of Mesquita's production and her frame of references.
Published by
Galeria Municipal do Porto, Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto, E.M.
Passerelle Centre d'art contemporain, Brest
Lenz, Milan
Carolina Mesquita
Guilherme Blanc
Fernanda Brenner
Loïc Le Gall
Caroline Mesquita
Studio photographs
Caroline Mesquita
Martin Belou
Rémi Gaubert
Video images
Caroline Mesquita
Lucile Littot
Exhibition photographs
Roberto Apa, Eperton Ballardin, Rebecca Fanuele, Sean Flemin, Julien Gremaud, Dennis Ha, Thibault Henriet, Bruno Lopes, Gunnar Meier, Aurélien Mole, Sebastian Pellion, Luana Rigolli, Dinis Santos, Caroos Tettamanzi
Graphic design
Dayana Lucas
Transcription and proofreading of the interview between Caroline Mesquita and Guilherme Blanc
Martin John Dale
Cláudia Gonçalves
Editing and proofreading
Gordon Fisher - Liquid Translations
Lindsey Westbrook
Ediprima, Piacenza
Print run
Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto, E.M.
Lenz, Milan

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