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This book is the result of a process of documenting various participations and contributions within the scope of the Post-Nostalgic Knowings course, integrated in the Coletivos Pláka 2019 project, of the Câmara Municipal do Porto.
Post-nostalgic knowings brought together about a dozen speakers and two dozen participants who, through conferences, masterclasses and workshops, looked at different “post-nostalgic” views and perspectives. The course presented several “post-nostalgic” approaches by authors who focus on spaces in Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain, to understand how contemporary practices can read, intervene and resignify these places, whether in their relationship with memories of the past as, above all, in the redefinition of new contemporary narratives. Trying to go beyond strictly preservationist and conservative approaches, it focused on a specific location in Porto, the Freixo hillside, characterized by the simultaneity of industrial history and by real estate interests in buildings and land. The program unfolded in conferences, walks, workshops and other spatial strategies to understand and dialogue with the issues in question.
Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto, E.M. / Galeria Municipal do Porto
Editorial project:
Guilherme Blanc
Inês Moreira
Alberto Salcedo
Almudena Marín Perez
Aneta Szyłak
Anton Kats
Beatriz Takahashi
Beatriz Duarte
Bruno De Almeida
Carla Gonçalves
Elena Lacruz
Filomena Nascimento
Inês Moreira
Laurem Crossetti
Letícia Costelha
Martín Hernández Molín
Miguel Teodoro
Orlando Gilberto-Castro
Patrícia Azevedo Santos
Patrícia Silva Coelho
Renato Cruz Santos
Sérgio Magalhães
Editorial coordination:
Tiago Dias dos Santos
Graphic Design:
José Peneda
Cláudia Coimbra
Martin Dale
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Cláudia Coimbra
Tiago Dias Dos Santos
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