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“To School Out of School” results from the homonymous contemporary art reflection course, integrated in the second edition of the municipal programme entitled Colectivos Pláka. 
“To School Out of School” was coordinated by Ana Rocha, producer, curator, choreographer and performer, and André Sousa, artist and co-founder of the artistic project "A Certain Lack of Coherence", tooking place in three moments between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. The course brought together national and international artists and thinkers in the creation of a temporary workshop on contemporary studies focusing on collectives, solo actions, informal or institutional structures that develop their projects in the area of ​​curatorship and reflecion about Culture nowadays.
The publication, co-edited by Ana Rocha and André Sousa, brings together contributions from the curators, critics and artists who participated in the course: Adrian Heathfield, Benjamin Seroussi, Catarina Saraiva, Fadwa Naamna, Irit Rogoff, Markus Miessen, Olivier Marbeout, Pedro G. Romero and Stephan Dillemuth, along with drawings by Mauro Cerqueira, and introduction by Guilherme Blanc, Artistic Director of Batalha Centro de Cinema, who curated the initiative and the editorial project.
Promoted within the scope of the Pláka platform, the Colectivos Pláka programme brings together reflection and thought production groups on contemporary art and artistic practice, with the central focus of enhancing opportunities for thinking, learning and knowledge sharing between artists and cultural agents residing in Porto.
Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto, E.M. / Galeria Municipal do Porto
Editorial project:
Guilherme Blanc
Ana Rocha, André Sousa
Adrian Heathfield 
Benjamin Seroussi
Catarina Saraiva
Fadwa Naamna
Guilherme Blanc
Irit Rogoff
Markus Miessen
Mauro Cerqueira
Olivier Marbeout
Pedro G. Romero
Stephan Dillemuth
Editorial coordination:
Tiago Dias dos Santos
Graphic Design:
José Peneda
Cláudia Coimbra
Martin Dale
Proof revision:
Cláudia Gonçalves
Diana Reis
Hernâni Baptista

Renato Cruz Santos
Empresa Diário do Porto

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