Galeria Municipal do PortoGaleria Municipal do Porto

PING! / Terrários de Cristal, with Samuel Wenceslau

In early autumn, in the greenhouses of the Crystal Palace, the PINGs! built Wardian boxes, which brought together natural elements from the gardens and images from the First Portuguese Colonial Exhibition. 
Samuel Wenceslau has a deep interest in nature, in particular Brazilian botany, exploring organic forms and lines in collages, drawings, photographs, paintings, objects and other graphic creations. As he is also artistic director and producer of the Kebraku Collective, Wenceslau created the Graphic Studiolo, a graphic inventory of natural forms from the flora of South America and, more recently, Europe. "My plates look botanical, but the classifications I used are all imagined," he says. Apart from the technical side, he distinguishes himself from traditional botany by his refusal of perfection. He doesn't look for leaves or flowers that are intact, but those that show the "interference of time and nature".

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