Galeria Municipal do PortoGaleria Municipal do Porto

Waves and Whirlpools - Publication

The edition resulting from the exhibition Waves and Whirpools, by Luís Lázaro Matos and curated by Martha Kirszenbaum, was materialised in vinyl format.

Presented in 2020 at the Galeria Municipal do Porto, the exhibition was born from the artist's fascination with the mythology of the sea. Being music one of the main components of his practice, Luís Lázaro Matos was inspired by the seven themes of his album, Waves and Whirlpools, to create the seven diptychs that make up the homonymous exhibition.

The editorial project condenses the musical album and is accompanied by a publication with contributions from the artist and exhibition curator, as well as from the curator Raphael Fonseca.

The design is by the In the Shade of a Tree studio.

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