Galeria Municipal do PortoGaleria Municipal do Porto

  • Studio Visit 👁

    Kiko Pedras

    Following on from "Hotel for Insects", a workshop that Kiko Pedras proposed to the young PING! students, we went to visit his house-workshop-garden. 
    This is where he develops projects of varying complexity, where the hand is always present, whether building canoes, beehives or greenhouses. It is also a meeting place for artists, set designers and curators to think together about structures, plinths or installations. 
    His practice extends to all areas, such as his own house, which is redesigned and altered according to the needs of a rural space. Outside, there are trees such as sequoias or pear trees, insect and bird shelters, where permaculture is taught and adobe bricks are made.
    Every day is different: "one day I'm guiding a bean plant over there, the next I'm transplanting the vegetable garden onto another field."
  • The Listening Affect

    A new sound ecology festival is coming to Porto!

    Curated by the Institute for Postnatural Studies, The Listening Affect will bring together around two dozen international artists, including composers, sound artists and acoustic researchers, at various venues in the city between November 10 and 12. Check list above for all participanting guests.

    Read the news here.
  • COBRACORAL - Postponed concert

    The forecast for tomorrow is for heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms.
    So, to avoid the storm catching us off guard, we'll have to postpone the Cobracoral concert to November 8th.
  • DUETO, @Arte Capital, by Mafalda Texeira

    Arte Capital wrote about the Dueto exhibition project, which brings together the artists Joan Jonas and Maria Paz. 
    Read the article here.
  • Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré

    Deadline for residency applications is approaching

    Reminder that the period for applications for the artist residency at CCC OD, in France, is coming to an end!
    This open call is a collaboration between GMP and the Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré (CCCOD) and is open to artists living in Porto who want to undertake a research residency in 2024 in the French city of Tours.
    📅 Submissions until October 30th!
    All information available here.
    Photography: Benoit Fougeirol

  • DUETO, @Público, by Mariana Durães

    The Público newspaper visited the Dueto exhibition. 
    To read the full article, click here.
  • Press

    DUETO, @Contemporânea, by Maria Kruglyak

    Maria Kruglyak spoke to Filipa Ramos about the exhibition "Dueto" with her curatorship at GMP. 

    The full article can be read here.


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