Galeria Municipal do PortoGaleria Municipal do Porto

A ping is an irregular or paced sound that anticipates a repetition or an answer and makes the listener wait and pay attention. If there is no response should we repeat it, in the expectation of getting an answer? In computer language, a ping measures speed, in function of the time between sending and receiving information on a network.
The Programa de Incursão à Galeria (ping!) explores the ideas of time and continuity, maintaining a close relationship with the audience - school and non-school – based on a discursive and practical 'come-and-go'.
Believing in an artistic mediation that connects individuals in a network for the transmission of ideas and knowledge, in which art contributes to a more open and free system, ping! organises programmes in the exhibition spaces of the Galeria Municipal do Porto (GMP), in the Auditorium of the Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett (BMAG) and in the Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal. It also organises sessions in the classroom and other unconventional learning places.
In 2021, ping! is presenting three thematic axes - the Botânica dos Jardins do Palácio (Gineceu & Estigma); the Primeira Exposição Colonial Portuguesa (An Elephant in the Palácio de Cristal); and the urban environment of the GMP (Exodus).
Ping! Is also proposing two transversal initiatives, specifically designed for the school community: the Visitas-Pavão and the Embaixadores ping!

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