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We're listening: ping! podcast
Parallel to the PING! program, a transversal project has been created which brings together young adults who are enthusiastic about the artistic activity in Porto.

The PING's! group, which accompanies all the program's activities, is responsible for a series of podcasts, recorded and soundscaped by Mariana Sardon. They can be heard here.


Podcasts with Mariana Sardon

Sound artist Mariana Sardon has been accompanying the activities of PING! - together with the group of PINGS! - who come together to capture the sounds and conversations of the artists and thinkers who are part of each year's educational programme.
Mariana Sardon lives and works in Porto. She has a degree in Multimedia Communication Technologies from the School of Music and Performing Arts of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and a master's degree in Interactive Music and Sound Design from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. She is dedicated to the visual and sound arts and researches audio and image archives. She is interested in the technical processes of recording visual and sound memory, which she explores at performance or installation level. Mariana Sardon currently also gives training in electronics workshops aimed at the construction of sound creation objects.

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