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PINGS! are young students between 16 and 22 years old who get to know and follow GMP's activities, dialoguing with curatorial teams, artists and other guests, participating actively in the daily life of an artistic institution.
PINGS! invent formats and methodologies of meeting, dialogue and sharing of ideas as they discover the way an art centre works, its agendas and operational logic. 
PINGS! will continue the project in their classes and educational contexts through guided visits, moderating talks, making audio-visual materials or other modalities they want to propose and implement. 
PINGS! will dialogue and collaborate with researchers and creator like Irina Pereira, but also with the Paralaxe project (Carolina Grilo Santos, Diana Geiroto and Luisa Abreu), among others, through workshops, conversations and interviews in the scope of the three programming axes Gineceu+Estigma, Memória de Elefante and Exodus. Each pings! session will be recorded in a podcast with the collaboration of Mariana Sardon.

pings! / February 17

0.1 Exodus walk for pings! with Mafalda Fernandes — Quotidiano de Uma Negra

Mafalda Fernandes designed a route where colonial narratives that are perpetuated in the city's streets and public spaces will be debated, while visiting cultural and commercial places run by a black, Portuguese and emigrant community from different African countries.  
"Quotidiano de uma negra" is the project of this young psychologist who teaches and reflects on the anti-racist struggle and which will take shape and space throughout this Exodus walk aimed at the ping! collective.
Born and raised in Porto, Mafalda Fernandes is the daughter of white parents and sister of black women. A psychologist and anti-racist activist, studying and thinking about social problems related to racism is her greatest passion. Founder of Tour Africana Porto, she uses ecotourism as a way of creating a common consciousness. She founded the @quotidianodeumanegra, where she expresses her concerns in favor of anti-racist education.

pings! / March 16, from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm | Gineceu+Estigma

0.2 Ressonâncias de um Jardim: Developing workshop for pings! with Casa da Imagem

The process of imagining this workshop began with a collection of organic elements such as leaves, seeds and branches from the Palácio de Cristal Gardens, but also with a selection of photographs from the Teófilo Rego archive, which depict times lived in this garden in the city of Porto and show dog shows or stands for a Wine Fair. The practical part will take place at Casa da Imagem, an art and knowledge-sharing space where students will be able to get to grips with different developing processes - more experimental and ecological - that use some of the plants collected earlier. 
Botanical collecting and scientific representations of plant and animal species will be replaced by a representation of nature that is not so humanized, but more experiential and personal. 
Casa da Imagem is a place of art and mediation, transdisciplinary learning and museology, acting for equity and social justice. It is a project of the Manuel Leão Foundation in Santo Ovídio, Gaia. Inês Azevedo and Joana Mateus, the coordinators, and other artists, mediators and researchers organize exhibitions, develop studies and run workshops. Casa da Imagem works on: the use of digital technologies for the representation and critical involvement of young people on social networks (#NarcissusMeetsPandora); images that represent industry; the Foto-Comercial Teófilo Rego and Rocha Artes Gráficas archives; and the creation of images through ecological processes.

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0.0 Be a ping!

If you're between the ages of 16 and 22 and want to take part in the Gallery's activities, visit the art spaces in the city, or attend workshops led by different artists and thinkers, just send an email to
The PINGs! collective accepts applications on a continuous basis.

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