Galeria Municipal do PortoGaleria Municipal do Porto

  • Sunday, May 28, at 6pm


    Due to the weather forecast of heavy rain, the first session of "Music between Companion Species", scheduled to take place this Sunday at Quinta do Covelo, has been postponed to a future date, to be announced soon.

    The first performance of this cycle will feature a DJ set by OMNE.

    Incorporating different influences, OMNE has been presenting immersive and durational sessions, of contemplative and psychedelic sounds, where the canine sound, and its particularities and sensitivities will be explored.
    Quinta do Covelo
    (In front of the dog park)
    R. de Bolama, 4200-042 Porto

    It is mandatory the use of collar or pectoral for all the dogs and cats that circulate in the road or public place. For more information, access the current legislation.

    Image credits: Beatriz Blasi
  • PING! / schools / June 2 (10am) and 3 (4pm)

    Walk through the gardens with Marta Lança: The Africa that comes

    If colonialism instrumentalized knowledge and ignorance to colonize territories and minds, this pretension was later replaced by "development" policies (progress, reason, growth and order). From a place where a worldview of hierarchical order was staged par excellence and where Africans were humiliatingly objectified (at the First Portuguese Colonial Exposition, 1934), let's look for what Africa has been teaching us every day and for many centuries. 
    Subverting the logic of racial inferiority, which sustained the European fallacy and program of "civilizing" the other (as the one who should absorb the values of a supposed European civilization), and in the antithesis of the one and indivisible national and imperial sovereignty of Portuguese colonialism, we will make a journey through communitarian, utopian, lived and imagined meanings, with Afrotopia (2016) by the Senegalese thinker Felwine Saar, on the horizon. 
    Each walk is intended for one class. 
    For registration, please write to

    Marta Lança, taking on the projections and effabulations, leads us through words and images in the corners of the gardens, to help us think about this Africa that comes and the metaphors of a future of balance between the economic, cultural and spiritual dimensions. With a degree in Portuguese Literature and a PhD student in Art Studies, Marta Lança has been investigating post-colonial issues, memory disputes and knowledge production in collaborative platforms. She is self-employed in the fields of culture and journalism, regularly working on projects in Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea and Brazil. She created and edits, since 2010, the BUALA portal.

    Image: Vitorino Coragem
  • Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize


    More information coming soon.
    Galeria Municipal do Porto
  • 17.06 – 20.08.2023

    Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize

    Created by the City Council as a tribute to the late Councillor for Culture Paulo Cunha e Silva (1962 – 2015), a central figure for the city’s artistic life, the award, held every two years in Porto, recognises the talent of new generations of national and international artists.
    This year’s edition underlines the Prize’s commitment to fostering creation and cultural exchange by establishing a partnership with three world-recognised residency programmes: Arquipélago Centro de Artes in S. Miguel, Azores, Cove Park, on Scotland’s west coast, and Pivô, in São Paulo, will all host one of the nominated artists, appointed by a jury of three members.
    The Nominators for the 2023 edition of the Paulo Cunha e Silva Art Prize are: artist Ângela Ferreira, Jan van Eyck Academie Director Hicham Khalidi, and cultural programmer Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura.
    With: Euridice Zaituna KalaMarilú Mapengo Námoda and Luis M. S, Santos (nominated by Ângela Ferreira); Rouzbeh AkhbariKent Chan and Hira Nabi (nominated by Hicham Khalidi) and Maren KarlsonMalik Nashad Sharpe (Marikiscrycrycry) and Eve Stainton (nominated by Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura).
  • Thursday, June 29, at 7pm

    Gaspar Cohen + Francisco Babo

    As an undercover artistic agent, Francisco Babo likes to use different non-industrial creative expressions – the dull, the tasteless, the coarse, the slow, the counterproductive  – to create moments of collective deconcentration and divergent thoughts. Believing in libertarian improvisation, he is currently participating in activities of the Amateur label, the PELE association and other scenographies.
    Gaspar Cohen is an artist and researcher. As a teacher and performer, Cohen interrogates the capital-colonial system that incorporates digital technologies. The work is materialized from logics of concept and space, addressing the illusory movements of reality, the limits of augmentation, and the politics of noise and error.
    Fonoteca Municipal do Porto
    R. de Pinto Bessa 122 Armazém 12, 4300-427 Porto

    It is mandatory the use of collar or pectoral for all the dogs and cats that circulate in the road or public place. For more information, access the current legislation.
  • Thursday, July 19, 7pm

    Violeta Azevedo + Ariyouok

    Violeta Azevedo is a sound artist, who oscillates between composition and improvisation. Having as a starting point the transverse flute, her music transports us to a dense and detailed universe, where sound is transformed into singular organisms through her orchestra of electronics and alchemical processes. Using both distorted harmonies and delicate melodies, Violeta Azevedo invites us to immerse ourselves in her world, simultaneously inhabited by shimmering beings and tenebrous energies, in a constant symbiotic harmony.
    Born in Portugal and raised in Cape Verde, Ari began intuitively expressing himself musically as a child, experimenting with beatbox and playing percussion. Since 2012, he has been exploring the Fruity Loops Studio software, discovering a new way of merging the different sounds he's been acquiring. From ancestral cultural roots, to the new cybernetic world, his practice is a mix of influences materialized in live performances, with his loop station and the rhythms of percussion in the darbuka djambe.
    Over the years, he has collaborated in several projects, such as the musical production of the album "Meia Riba Calxa" by Tristany.
    Parque de São Roque
    R. São Roque da Lameira 2040, 4350-307 Porto

    It is mandatory the use of collar or pectoral for all the dogs and cats that circulate in the road or public place. For more information, access the current legislation.

    Image credits:
    Violeta Azevedo, by José Caldeira
  • July 20, 21, 22 and 23

    Workshop INTO THE WILD – A guide for bodies and the city they create, with María Auxiliadora Gálvez

    The flux of data traversing our bodies is bigger than our awareness can process. Words are not the main way of communication once we are in the wild. Our bodies instead learn to react to the environment by becoming more aware of an ecology of the sensual paying attention to what is in contact with our skin.  
    Our systems of non-conscious cognition establish a continuous flow of exchanges and reactions with the environment and with our fellow cognizers like animals and plants. Somatic markers and processes can reveal an alternative body awareness and its associated body images able to change our perception but also the meaning we give to our experiences. The result is a reformulation of borders and of the definition of bodies and environments. Wilderness emerges in this workshop from a different perspective over our urban bodies, and these bodies build another city. 
    The workshop will act in three stages that will be developed in the Gardens of the Cristal Palace and their surroundings where the Galeria is located: Nocturnal Garden, Animal Body and (E)Merging Bodies.

    In the context of this project, Maria Auxiliadora Gálvez will also present an artist talk with a date to be announced shortly. 
    This workshop is free of charge and is aimed at students or professionals whose practice is concerned with the territory of intersection between the body and artspace, architecture or politics, but also more broadly with socio-cultural or ecological environments.
    To participate, a statement of interest on the above-mentioned topics should be submitted, in one of the following formats:
    - Text (max. 300 words);
    - An image (max. 5 mb); 
    - A video (max. 20 sec); 
    - A drawing (max. 5 mb).
    Entries should be sent to the email and the deadline for submission is July 2nd.

    The workshop will be held in Spanish and English.
    Participation implies attendance at all workshop sessions.
    - 20, Thu. from 5pm to 7pm
    - 21, Fri. from 5pm to 12am (midnight)
    - 22, Sat. from 10am to 6pm
    - 23, Sun. from 10am to 6pm

    María Auxiliadora Gálvez is PhD in Architecture, Landscaper, Teacher of the Feldenkrais method and Professor at the USP-CEU in Madrid. Since 2016, she directs the “Platform of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape” (PSAAP) and its associated laboratory (LSAAP). She has been distinguished in national and international urban and architectural contests, highlighting the VI, VII and IX editions of EUROPAN. Her work has been published and exhibited worldwide featuring her presence in the 8th and 16th Venice Architecture Biennale. As a researcher she has been co-director of “We Are All able Bodies. From Sensory Deprivation to Sensory Augmentation” (2018) and she is author of the books: “Espacio Somático. Cuerpos Múltiples” (2019) and “Descampados. Caminar los paisajes revolucionarios en la ciudad somática” (2022). 
    Nowadays she works in landscape, art and architecture from an embodied point of view and explores the possibilities of “Somatic Architecture”. She is member of the “International Ambiances Network” (France); is part of the research directory of the “Centre for Sensory Studies” (Canada) and participates in the international Blue Sky Research for the Arts project “Navigating Dizziness Together” based in Vienna. 
  • 16.09 – 19.11.2023

    Duet – Maria Paz and Joan Jonas

    Duet is an invitation for two artists to share an exhibition space. It started as a proposal for a young artist from Porto to think of an artist they would like to share an exhibition with. Recalling the impact of her survey show at the Serralves Museum, Maria Paz invited Joan Jonas to share the exhibition space of the Galeria Municipal do Porto. In this transatlantic exchange of generations, the two artists will reveal their common investigations of forms, colours and materials. Curated by Filipa Ramos.
    Curated by Filipa Ramos.
  • Sunday, September 24, at 6pm

    Lendl Barcelos + Dora Vieira

    Dora Vieira is a musician and visual artist who integrates different musical projects such as Milteto, Orquestra de Sopros e Electrónica, Moto-Rotos, Amijas, Judas Triste and Bezbog. In her solo musical work, Dora calls herself Moira Encantada, and highlights the use of resources such as no-input mixer, trumpet, percussion, radio, feedbacks and repetitive sound complexes. This practice also converges in her visual production, through experimental video art projects, video clips, poster and cover design for editions, intermedia performances and installations and respective soundscapes.
    Lendl Barcelos is a sound artist, "kataphysician" and DJ, interested in exploring the vibrating matters, often of the aural dimension, even when these occur beyond normative human limits. Alongside Tarek Atoui, Allison O'Daniel, Myriam Lefkowitz & Valentina Desideri, he was part of the Council's Infinite Ear project, based on the premise that deafness constitutes a specialisation in sound. His work has been presented at Tate Britain (London), Centrocentro (Madrid), Garage (Moscow), Inkonskt (Malmo), Q-O₂ (Brussels), Pedreira (Porto), and has been published by Urbanomic, re:press and MIT.
    Jardim de Arca D’Água
    Praça de 9 de Abril 121, 4200-422 Porto

    It is mandatory the use of collar or pectoral for all the dogs and cats that circulate in the road or public place. For more information, access the current legislation.
  • Setembro 29, from 8:30 to 10:30pm

    NOCTURNAL Exodus, with Irina Pereira

    The night walks have always excited us. It seems that the city becomes a new and different place. 
    The openings of art spaces or galleries are also captivating. We see, but we also let ourselves be seen. There is also the privacy of artists' ateliers, either individual or collective, located in the neighbourhoods of Bonfim, in the eastern area, and in Fontaínhas.   
    This walk guided by Irina Pereira will be very different from the usual Exodus, so get ready!
    Meeting point to be defined soon.
    Duration: 20h30-22h30

    This activity is aimed at the general public and admission is free.

    Irina Pereira is an artist and graphic designer, working mostly as an image creator. Her practice also explores editing, creation, art direction and programming, constantly in collaborative processes. She is part of Pedreira, a space, platform and artistic collective that puts different visions and energies in synergy, creating immersive experiences that question reality and individuality through utopias and parallel fictions. She was part of the Oficina Arara, a sonic-visual laboratory linked to screen printing and reproduction of multiples. As a designer she has been collaborating with several institutions and artists, focusing on the area of culture, in image explorations using typography and drawing. In 2020 she started the publications and assemblies project Goodbye Issues. She is part of the Biblioteca Prática, a project that intends to (re)think the book - unfolding in exhibition, discussion and exchange moments.

    Image: Inês Cardoso Ribeiro
  • Dates to be announced

    Exodus walk with Paralaxe

    Paralaxe is an art research project focused on disciplinary intersection, occupying territories apparently alien to artistic practice. Created in 2019, by the association Erro Universal - Núcleo de Investigação, PARALAXE currently has multiple sub-projects and creations, which take different contexts and structures, but which have in common the intention to support the creation and edition of young emerging artists.

    Image: Teresa Pacheco Miranda
  • Thursday, October 19, at 6pm


    Cobracoral is a project that entwines the voices of Catarina Miranda (Portugal), Clélia Colonna (France), and Ece Canli (Turkey), in a sound cycle where each contributes with her own vocal particularity: Miranda explores orality from a choreographic angle; Colonna conducts research on polyphonic traditions from Asia and the Mediterranean; and Canli investigates expanded voice practices. The result is a constant dynamic of reaction, adaptation, rhythm, and repetition, in search of a balance between voices, patterns, and textures.
    Together, they explore the potential of the voice through sound effects - but also gesture - in order to amplify the aural experience suggested by vocal extension, seeking an experience that surpasses the bodies themselves. The physicality and energy, which also shape the sound, resulting in a harmonious fusion of ritualistic chants, oneiric cycles, and contemporary vocal techniques, forming the rhythmic, imagetic, and narrative landscape of this trio. 
    To be confirmed.

    It is mandatory the use of collar or pectoral for all the dogs and cats that circulate in the road or public place. For more information, access the current legislation.

    Image credits: Vera Marmelo
  • Sunday, November 19, at 6pm

    João Grilo + Suzana

    João Grilo is a sound artist, performer, composer and lyricist. Interested in the languages of absurdity and astonishment, he seeks to reclaim a disappearing time for contemplation. Co-creator of the project "HVIT" with video artist Miguel C Tavares and composer of the chamber opera "Pequena História de um Povo com Memória" for Quarteto Contratempus, he has been working on the creation of soundscapes for theatre and dance. His vast list of musical collaborations includes names such as Susana Santos Silva, Pedro Melo Alves, Jeff Williams, João Hasselberg, Jo David Meyer, Mynda Guevara, DJ Firmeza, Joana Castro and Hery Paz.
    Suzana Francês revealed an interest in music from an early age. At the age of three she started playing the violin at the Escola Metropolitana de Lisboa and belonged to the "Violinhos" orchestra, where she gave her first concert at the age of four, at the Centro Cultural de Belém. After her studies in classical music, Suzana has been embracing different musical styles and projects, as was the case with Tristany's "Meia Riba Kalxa", in which she took part as violinist and vocalist, having been on tour nationally and internationally for three years. She has been presenting her solo project, with original compositions in violin, accompanied by Ariyouok in her loopstation and Célio in the guitar.
    To be confirmed.

    It is mandatory the use of collar or pectoral for all the dogs and cats that circulate in the road or public place. For more information, access the current legislation.
  • 09.12.2023 – 10.03.2024

    The Sylvan and Harsh North

    What are the meteorological patterns, the myths and stories, the rhythms, colours and shapes, the human and nonhuman inhabitants that make up the Iberian Northwest, in its reality and fiction?
    Wondering about the rituals and expressive modes of people, animals, plants, elements and minerals, we went looking for the roots, terminations and tentacles of the Iberian Northwest, trying to locate the places where they might reside. In doing so, we considered the past but above all faced the present-future of these concrete and imagined spaces between seas, woods and settlements. The Sylvan and Harsh North is an exhibition that follows roads and lines of intensity, centrifugal forces that take us beyond Porto, towards those supposed margins where permutations erupt, to discover and share the references, stories, words and connections to these places with a long past and an even longer future. Curated by Filipa Ramos and Juan Luis Toboso.
    Curated by Filipa Ramos and Juan Luis Toboso.
  • Visitas-Pavão to the Gardens

    Visitas-Pavão to the Gardens

     To participate in the Visitas-Pavão, all interested groups can register through the email
    Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.
    Duration: 90 min.
  • Exodus for Schools

    To participate in the Exodus, all interested groups can register through the email
    All routes are carried out on foot. 
    Meeting point to be defined.
    Thursday and Friday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. Duration: 120min


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