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PANDEMIC – I Don’t Know Karate But I know Ka-razor

Book published within the exhibition "PANDEMIC - I Don't Know Karate But I know Ka-razor" by Filipe Marques, curated by Isabeli Santiago and Juan Luis Toboso.

The exhibition project started from the poetic and apocalyptic complexity that marks the artist's language, to take us to a "zero degree" state, in order to confront us with issues such as the fragility and finitude of bodies, the illness-health binomial and the struggles rooted in the world and in nature.
Published by
Galeria Municipal do Porto, Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto, E.M.

Editorial project
Filipe Marques
Isabeli Santiago
Juan Luis Toboso

Editorial coordination
Hernâni Baptista
Tiago Dias dos Santos

Eduarda Neves
Filipe Marques
Isabeli Santiago
Juan Luis Toboso
Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues
Design gráfico / Graphic design
João Alves Marrucho

Martin John Dale

Copy-editing and proofreading
Cláudia Gonçalves

Gil Araújo
Renato Cruz Santos

Gráfica Maiadouro, S.A.

Print run


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