Encounters between Art, Music, Nature and Science

Gallery Energy

I’m wind, fire, leaf and tree
I’m spirit, passion and dream
I light, I heat, I spark
I power.
I’m matter and force
I’m actuality, instability, vitality
I’m mutation and movement
I change form, place and meaning. 
You can extract and exploit me but not destroy me
You can ignite and transfer me but not conceive me.
I’m anywhere and nowhere
Here and there, now and then
I’m Gallery Energy. 
Together with artists, musicians, poets, scientists and writers, I’ll appear and reappear, running, singing, flying and dancing, across library halls and market stalls, movie theatres and recording studios, wastelands and romantic gardens. 
I’m a year-long cycle of concerts, talks and walks arranged in four threads:

Science is Art — Considering how science and art discover and interrogate the world, I bring researchers out of the lab, inviting them to share their knowledge about themes that matter for the present of art, such as fear, reproduction and modern alchemy.
Friday, 8 April — Marta Moita, The Science of Fear 
Friday, 22 July — Patricia Saragüeta, The Jaguar’s Friend
Imaginaries — Understanding imaginaries as devices to conceive the present, desire change and create the future, I invite germinal contemporary thinkers to present a source of imaginary important for the present. 
Friday, 29 April — Teresa Castro, Thinking with Lichens and Weeds
Wednesday, 22 June — Saidiya Hartman, History Retold
Commented Concerts — Conceiving the concert as a conversation, I invite musicians to discuss their stylistic choices, aesthetic influences and references through performance and dialogue. Notes will range from gong resonances to cultural exchanges, and the exploration of cosmic ancestral forces.
Saturday, 28 May — João Pais Filipe, Sun Oddly Quiet 
Sunday, 19 June — Invernomuto, Black Med, Chapters IV & VI 
Friday, 30 September — Nkisi, Invisible Gestures
Grazes and Grazes — I’ll take you through pathways where nature and the city meet, guided by the attentive gaze of artists and botanists whose research traverses medicine, cuisine and sustainability and whose perspectives challenge taxonomic and topological conventions. 
Saturday, 9 July — A Recoletora, Unsubmissive Plants
Image: "Jaguarete", by Patricia Saragüeta

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