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With roots in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, Gineceu+Estigma addresses the fantastic world of botany, crossing scientific, artistic, philosophical, spiritual and ecological thought with approaches in which academic, artistic and empirical knowledge intersect and complement each other.
Gineceu+Estigma offers talks, workshops and interpretative tours of the garden by invited educators, researchers and artists. 

Friday, February 23rd, from 10 am to 12 pm

Closing of ESCOLA TERRA: Presentation of workshop results with Landra

Escola Terra was a workshop outside the gates of the gardens of Palácio de Cristal, which took place in the playgrounds of the Canelas school complex. During the four seasons of the year, Landra invited students and teachers, from pre-school to high-school, to get out of the classroom and discover the surrounding living habitats. 
A variety of collective actions were carried out, including collecting samples and looking through a microscope, followed by drawings and listening sessions. We talked about biological succession, biomes and the different scales of the school landscape, from the tree to the lichen, from the darkness of the soil to the light of the ground. 
The closing session of this educational project will include a visit to the exhibition at the Galeria Municipal do Porto and a talk with the participating students and the Landra duo, open to anyone with an interest in pedagogy or mediation in Art and Ecology.
Landra is the name given to the land and to the practice of Sara Rodrigues and Rodrigo B. Camacho, paying homage to acorns, called Landras in the Iberian Northwest. The duo sees in them a culture of autonomy, sovereignty and self-sufficiency that they seek to recover, aligning themselves with a practice of living and doing in tune with natural rhythms and cycles.

Tuesday, April 23rd, from 3 to 4pm

Ressonâncias de um Jardim: Developing workshop for schools with Casa da Imagem

The process of imagining this workshop began with a collection of organic elements such as leaves, seeds and branches from the Palácio de Cristal Gardens, but also with a selection of photographs from the Teófilo Rego archive, which depict times lived in this garden in the city of Porto and show dog shows or stands for a Wine Fair. The practical part will take place at Casa da Imagem, an art and knowledge-sharing space where students will be able to get to grips with different developing processes - more experimental and ecological - that use some of the plants collected earlier. 
Botanical collecting and scientific representations of plant and animal species will be replaced by a representation of nature that is not so humanized, but more experiential and personal. 
Casa da Imagem is a place of art and mediation, transdisciplinary learning and museology, acting for equity and social justice. It is a project of the Manuel Leão Foundation in Santo Ovídio, Gaia. Inês Azevedo and Joana Mateus, the coordinators, and other artists, mediators and researchers organize exhibitions, develop studies and run workshops. Casa da Imagem works on: the use of digital technologies for the representation and critical involvement of young people on social networks (#NarcissusMeetsPandora); images that represent industry; the Foto-Comercial Teófilo Rego and Rocha Artes Gráficas archives; and the creation of images through ecological processes.

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