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PINGS! are young students between 16 and 22 years old who get to know and follow GMP's activities, dialoguing with curatorial teams, artists and other guests, participating actively in the daily life of an artistic institution.
PINGS! invent formats and methodologies of meeting, dialogue and sharing of ideas as they discover the way an art centre works, its agendas and operational logic. 
PINGS! will continue the project in their classes and educational contexts through guided visits, moderating talks, making audio-visual materials or other modalities they want to propose and implement. 
PINGS! will dialogue and collaborate with researchers and creator like Irina Pereira, but also with the Paralaxe project (Carolina Grilo Santos, Diana Geiroto and Luisa Abreu), among others, through workshops, conversations and interviews in the scope of the three programming axes Gineceu+Estigma, Memória de Elefante and Exodus. Each pings! session will be recorded in a podcast with the collaboration of Mariana Sardon.

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0.0 Be a PING!

If you're between the ages of 16 and 22 and want to take part in the Gallery's activities, visit the art spaces in the city, or attend workshops led by different artists and thinkers, just send an email to
The PINGs! collective accepts applications on a continuous basis.

PING! / PINGS! / April 29

0.1 Exodus walk with Paralaxe

The Paralaxe collective, formed by artists Carolina Grilo Santos, Diana Geiroto and Luísa Abreu, proposes visits to spaces of thought and artistic practice that are often, and simultaneously, domestic and intimate spaces.   
Following on from their project Primeiro Fascículo, in which they invited to create artist's books, the collective seeks to dive into the very particular dynamics of artists with studio-house, studio-screen, or stage-street, seeking to discover the stories behind objects, scribbles, or works exhibited on the walls of their homes.  
The walks focused on artists and cultural agents based in the area of Bonfim and Santo Ildefonso: José Oliveira, Regina Guimarães, Luís Cepa e Juliana Campos.
Paralaxe is an art research project focused on disciplinary intersection, occupying territories apparently alien to artistic practice. Created in 2019, by the association Erro Universal - Núcleo de Investigação, PARALAXE currently has multiple sub-projects and creations, which take different contexts and structures, but which have in common the intention to support the creation and edition of young emerging artists.

Image: Paralaxe

PING! / PINGS! / July 7

0.2 NOCTURNAL Exodus for PINGs!, with Irina Pereira

The night walks have always excited us. It seems that the city becomes a new and different place. 
The openings of art spaces or galleries are also captivating. We see, but we also let ourselves be seen. There is also the privacy of artists' ateliers, either individual or collective, located in the neighbourhoods of Bonfim, in the eastern area, and in Fontaínhas.   
This walk guided by Irina Pereira began at Praça da Alegria, where the artist Svenja Tiger set up an urban scenario of the piece "The Extinction of Venus". From there, and following this theme, we visited some places that have stood the test of time – such as the Praça da Alegria Association –, or others around, such as the Galeria do Sol space and the more recent Donau.
Duration: 20h30-22h30

Irina Pereira is an artist and graphic designer, working mostly as an image creator. Her practice also explores editing, creation, art direction and programming, constantly in collaborative processes. She is part of Pedreira, a space, platform and artistic collective that puts different visions and energies in synergy, creating immersive experiences that question reality and individuality through utopias and parallel fictions. She was part of the Oficina Arara, a sonic-visual laboratory linked to screen printing and reproduction of multiples. As a designer she has been collaborating with several institutions and artists, focusing on the area of culture, in image explorations using typography and drawing. In 2020 she started the publications and assemblies project Goodbye Issues. She is part of the Biblioteca Prática, a project that intends to (re)think the book - unfolding in exhibition, discussion and exchange moments.

PING! / PINGS! / July 29

0.3 Workshop Eletrónica Analógica for PINGs!, with Mariana Sardon

Proposed by sound artist Mariana Sardon, who has also been capturing the sounds and conversations of PING!, the PINGs! explored the possibilities of sound through synthesisers, sound devices, electrical circuits and open knowledge networks.
Mariana Sardon lives and works in Porto. She has a degree in Multimedia Communication Technologies from the School of Music and Performing Arts of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and a master's degree in Interactive Music and Sound Design from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. She is dedicated to the visual and sound arts and researches audio and image archives. She is interested in the technical processes of recording visual and sound memory, which she explores at performance or installation level. Mariana Sardon currently also gives training in electronics workshops aimed at the construction of sound creation objects.

Images: Renato Cruz Santos

PING! / PINGS! / June 17, 3pm

0.4 Workshop Body Morning Movement, com A Piscina

The end of the holidays was marked by one of the most eagerly awaited sessions for the PINGs collective!
The day, which kicked off early, was spent at A Piscina, with Body Morning Movement, the workshop that got bodies and senses moving through music, dance and lots of creativity and improvisation.
A Piscina is an interdisciplinary cultural space inserted in the project of the Cultural Section of Performing Arts of Sport Club do Porto. Located in the downtown area of the city, it occupies the space of an old swimming pool built in the 1930s, presenting an agenda of diverse projects. From dance and theatre classes, to stage arts workshops, performance and other artistic proposals, the premise of this project is to be inclusive and open to anyone interested in an "awareness of physicality, energy and the movement of bodies".

PING! / PINGS! / September 23

0.4 Workshop: Hotel for Insects in a Garden, with Kiko Pedras

More and more often there is a worldwide crisis in terms of dwindling bee colonies. Flowers, in general, cannot self-pollinate as effectively as can be done by animals or wind.    
Apart from insects, a large number of other animals are seduced by the nectar of flowers, which we can find in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, such as bats, birds and amphibians.    
This workshop, oriented by Kiko Pedras, proposed the construction and placement of structures made with trunks and branches, where insects can find shelter while they have the important task of pollinating the surrounding botany, from flower to flower.
Kiko Pedras is the artistic name of Henrique Richard Zangger da Silva. He was born in Paredes in 1970 and lived most of his childhood in Yèvre-le-Châtel, France, in a family of artists. Throughout his career, he has as his technical background Equipment Design, extending to specialization and trainings in Sound, Light, Video and Image Technologies. He is interested in exploring different materials, tools and constructions, leading him to collaborate with different artists and cultural agents, such as theatre companies, festivals, among others. He restores houses of vernacular architecture, where he applies the principle of contingency architecture, for which he specialises in the construction of compacted soil blocks. Among other areas, he is a farmer committed to the conservation of traditional seeds and, consequently, to the production of an organic and conscious agriculture. He is an enthusiast and disseminator of traditional building techniques, with gravel and lime, and builder of sailing canoes.

In order to maintain these constructions, this workshop will later be held with the gardening and maintenance teams of the Palácio de Cristal Gardens.

Image: Renato Cruz Santos

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