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With roots in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, Gineceu+Estigma addresses the fantastic world of botany, crossing scientific, artistic, philosophical, spiritual and ecological thought with approaches in which academic, artistic and empirical knowledge intersect and complement each other.
Gineceu+Estigma offers talks, workshops and interpretative tours of the garden by invited educators, researchers and artists. 

July 20, 21, 22 and 23

Workshop INTO THE WILD – A guide for bodies and the city they create, with María Auxiliadora Gálvez

The flux of data traversing our bodies is bigger than our awareness can process. Words are not the main way of communication once we are in the wild. Our bodies instead learn to react to the environment by becoming more aware of an ecology of the sensual paying attention to what is in contact with our skin.  
Our systems of non-conscious cognition establish a continuous flow of exchanges and reactions with the environment and with our fellow cognizers like animals and plants. Somatic markers and processes can reveal an alternative body awareness and its associated body images able to change our perception but also the meaning we give to our experiences. The result is a reformulation of borders and of the definition of bodies and environments. Wilderness emerges in this workshop from a different perspective over our urban bodies, and these bodies build another city. 
The workshop will act in three stages that will be developed in the Gardens of the Cristal Palace and their surroundings where the Galeria is located: Nocturnal Garden, Animal Body and (E)Merging Bodies.

In the context of this project, Maria Auxiliadora Gálvez will also present an artist talk with a date to be announced shortly. 
This workshop is free of charge and is aimed at students or professionals whose practice is concerned with the territory of intersection between the body and artspace, architecture or politics, but also more broadly with socio-cultural or ecological environments.
To participate, a statement of interest on the above-mentioned topics should be submitted, in one of the following formats:
- Text (max. 300 words);
- An image (max. 5 mb); 
- A video (max. 20 sec); 
- A drawing (max. 5 mb).
Entries should be sent to the email and the deadline for submission is July 2nd.

The workshop will be held in Spanish and English.
Participation implies attendance at all workshop sessions.
- 20, Thu. from 5pm to 7pm
- 21, Fri. from 5pm to 12am (midnight)
- 22, Sat. from 10am to 6pm
- 23, Sun. from 10am to 6pm

María Auxiliadora Gálvez is PhD in Architecture, Landscaper, Teacher of the Feldenkrais method and Professor at the USP-CEU in Madrid. Since 2016, she directs the “Platform of Somatics for Architecture and Landscape” (PSAAP) and its associated laboratory (LSAAP). She has been distinguished in national and international urban and architectural contests, highlighting the VI, VII and IX editions of EUROPAN. Her work has been published and exhibited worldwide featuring her presence in the 8th and 16th Venice Architecture Biennale. As a researcher she has been co-director of “We Are All able Bodies. From Sensory Deprivation to Sensory Augmentation” (2018) and she is author of the books: “Espacio Somático. Cuerpos Múltiples” (2019) and “Descampados. Caminar los paisajes revolucionarios en la ciudad somática” (2022). 
Nowadays she works in landscape, art and architecture from an embodied point of view and explores the possibilities of “Somatic Architecture”. She is member of the “International Ambiances Network” (France); is part of the research directory of the “Centre for Sensory Studies” (Canada) and participates in the international Blue Sky Research for the Arts project “Navigating Dizziness Together” based in Vienna. 

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